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Are You Ready For a Change?

Hey there! I am an intuitive guidance coach that specializes in helping people balance the 9 main life areas that encompass our body, mind, and spirit. I am certified in Intentional Feng Shui through Intrinsic School of Feng Shui as well as Hypnotherapy and NLP through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. In addition to what some call “traditional” healing education, I became a Kundalini Reiki Master under Master Jon where she uses the 8 Chakras and healing crystals to heal, strengthen, and enhance. Divination is also used a bonus tool to gain additional  insight. Through a combination of these tools and my own fierce intuition I am the next stop on your path to YOUR Life Reimagined. If you'd like to know more about my past and what led me to this point you can check out my Vlog. It's linked next to the logo at the top of this page under "Youtube". 

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