Embracing new beginnings with enthusiasm!

You know when you're a kid and you have a list of things you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be a psychologist or a teacher. I've always thought the brain and how humans work is so interesting and I'm the oldest of three girls so having a natural knack for taking care of the littles came easily. I never envisioned myself here, but after my first tangible spiritual experience I started delving deeper and deeper into the worlds of spiritual energy and everything related. 

Everyone has their own trials and tribulations they go through. Some come with lasting effects like depression, anxiety, and overall health issues. Our family is no exception. We all have struggled in one way or another with deep seeded trauma. I knew there was something I could do to help our family and for a long time I thought it was supposed to be ME helping THEM. It only occurred to me recently that to heal the generational trauma it starts with me and flows downward to my children and their children and so on. I'm the only one I can control, as much as I've tried with my siblings and parents. 

Throughout this journey of healing myself and making my life what I want it to be I've had this strong desire to share what I'm learning with anyone who will listen. I have my friends and my sisters who seek advice and guidance from me, but I know there are so many out there who are going through or have gone through the same things I have. Everyone's experiences and perceptions are different, but often times they come from the same underlying causes. Making myself available to all of those who are ready to break the chains of repetitive behaviors and habits that are preventing us from achieving great things is my passion.